Join us in deploying the world’s largest direct air capture solution.

Capture6 develops and commercializes highly-scalable approaches to permanently removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We’re the first in market to offer permanent million-ton direct air capture solutions – safe, permanent, to benefit people and the planet.

Because time is of the essence with earth’s climate in the balance, we pioneered an approach that can be massively deployed today through repurposing a set of commercial technologies. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we prioritize our mission to increase global carbon capture while growing our business.

Healthy people working on planetary health

In addition to caring for the environment we prioritize the health and mental wellness of our employees.

Benefits include:

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Capturing CO₂ at Capture6

Climate change disproportionately impacts underrepresented communities, and we believe a diverse and inclusive team is needed to meet this major global crisis head on. We’re a small team of passionate, smart, and curious people with ambitious goals. We work remotely from different parts of the world and believe autonomy and flexibility help people excel.


We innovate systems and processes that help protect the planet for future generations. For us, that innovation goes beyond perfecting our process for CO₂ removal. It also means ingenuity in how we think about business models, pursue avenues for rapid commercialization, and form the partnerships and coalitions that can make ambitious plans happen. Your work will have a material and lasting impact on the world. 

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