Large-scale direct air capture for the net-zero economy

We need to keep global warming under 1.5°C. Reaching that target is no longer possible by reducing emissions alone, a fact highlighted in the latest IPCC report. Permanent and irreversible carbon removal must be deployed at unprecedented speed and scale.


We help businesses, governments, and communities mitigate the risks of climate change through direct air capture. We are the first in market to offer permanent million-ton direct air capture installations  – solutions that are safe, permanent, to benefit people and the planet.

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Lock away those residual emissions

Not all emissions can be easily cut. Corporations and governments need carbon removal to reach their ambitious net-zero goals. Although demand for permanent carbon removal solutions is rising, supply remains limited. Our solution helps remove residual and historical emissions from the atmosphere. 

Cutting back is not enough

Even if the world hits all its emissions reduction targets by 2050, we still need to remove ~20 billion tons of CO₂ per year to prevent catastrophic environmental impacts. Direct air capture is the solution to close this gap.

CO₂ emissions in billion tonnes/year in 2050
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Why Capture6


Our supply chain independence means we can scale to almost any size.


We mineralize carbon dioxide and in doing so we lock it away forever.


At less than $100 USD/tonne of CO₂ captured, we set a new standard for affordability.​


We can easily prove the amount of CO₂ captured, and ensure a clear accounting trail.


Capture6 provides a lasting solution we can deploy now, not just decades into the future.


Our solution addresses ocean acidification, air pollution and quality, and more.

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Our Direct Air Capture Technology

Our solution, powered by renewable energy, captures and permanently removes CO₂ directly from ambient air. We developed a pipeline of facilities ready to capture millions of tonnes of CO₂ every year. Our approach can be widely deployed today through repurposing a set of existing industrial-scale technologies. We aim to reach gigaton scale within 20 years to meaningfully contribute to climate change solutions. 

Capture6 provides a lasting solution we can deploy now

Support technology that’s designed for minimum risk and maximum impact, including bringing co-benefits for communities and the environment. Our approach for large-scale direct air capture is available today and can reduce local air pollution, produce potable water for drinking and irrigation, and create clean economy jobs. 

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The time to capture some carbon is now!

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we prioritize our mission to increase global carbon capture while growing our business. We innovate systems and processes that help protect the planet for future generations. Your actions matter, because ours isn’t a solution for someday — it is a solution that can be deployed today.

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