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Project Monarch

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Capture6 and Palmdale Water District (PWD) are building a joint pilot facility to produce freshwater resources and simultaneously increase carbon removal in California.

Project Monarch Spreads Its Wings

The facility, named Pure Water Antelope Valley Demonstration Facility which includes Capture6’s Project Monarch, will be the first fully integrated water management and carbon dioxide (CO₂) removal facility of its kind.

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Project Monarch will fully integrate our DAC process with PWD’s water management technology and repurpose industrial-scale components that are proven in the operational environment.

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Driving financial and
operational efficiencies

With Project Monarch, there will be zero discharge of brine. The full-scale project will save the PWD between 20% to 40% for lifetime costs of their new water management facility.

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Producing freshwater

Project Monarch will, in its full scale capacity, enable water recovery from effluent brine of potentially over 50% while removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Creating Water By Removing Carbon

Our process removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with a solvent we create from saltwater. This saltwater input is one reason we work to integrate our process with water treatment facilities. Our technology synthesizes conventional water treatment processes and air contactors to operate seamlessly within the water treatment plant. At the end of our process, we can permanently draw down CO₂ from the atmosphere and recover freshwater from the salty brine waste.

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Scaling to address Palmdale's Water needs

Project Monarch Diagram
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By partnering with water treatment facilities like the one PWD is building, we can significantly increase the volume of water recovered at these facilities. With that surplus of water, we can deliver high-value environmental and financial outcomes such as pure water for agricultural uses and consumption and affordable carbon removal.

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Capture6’s system will reduce the traditional operational and financial burden associated with disposing of excess salinity while also recovering over 50% of effluent brine and removing CO₂ from the atmosphere in the process.

Ready to take the next step in developing your community’s access to freshwater? Excited about capturing carbon in the process? When you partner with Capture6, you can significantly cut your operational costs and carbon footprint at the same time. We offer an alternative to existing brine disposal methods that prioritizes both the future of your community and our world at large.

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Partnering with Palmdale Water District

Palmdale Water District (PWD) covers a growing urban area in Los Angeles County that is preparing for its future population’s water needs. A core pillar of the district’s strategy is an enhanced water recovery system that treats and recovers otherwise unusable wastewater and stores it underground or in reservoirs.

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Monarch Metamorphosis

We are co-locating Project Monarch, within the Pure Water Antelope Valley Demonstration Facility to support Palmdale Water District and the Palmdale community as they build climate resilience and capture CO₂.
Phase 1
Demonstration Facility
Phase 2
Commercial Facility
Phase 3
Large - Scale Facility
Ultimate Goal
To increase water production for the Antelope Valley and the state of California while drawing down significant quantities of CO₂ from the air.

The Butterfly Effect

Capture6 and the PWD have a common goal of increasing water security in California to advance access to freshwater resources and simultaneously increase carbon removal in Los Angeles County.


The partnership will provide an opportunity to engage surrounding communities and to deliver additional co-benefits, such as green jobs and economic development, in the future.

Climate Change Feedback Loops
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Commercialization Industrial Decarbonization (CID) Program

Capture6 has been awarded a grant from the California Energy Commission under the Commercialization Industrial Decarbonization (CID) Program. The grant aimed at supporting Project Monarch is valued at over $8M – the largest sum awarded in the round.

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