Net-zero strategies for a carbon neutral economy

Addressing climate change requires simultaneous and dramatic progress on various levels:

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Focusing on both mitigation (reduction and removal) and adaptation solutions is the best way to fight against the effects of climate change. Radically reducing the emissions of climate gases is essential but not all emissions can be easily removed. We need to complement reduction efforts with technologies that remove residual and historical emissions from the atmosphere to reach net-zero.

Even if the world hits all its emissions reduction targets by 2050, we still need to remove ~20bn tonnes of CO₂ yearly to prevent catastrophic environmental impacts. Carbon removal is the solution to close this gap.

CO₂ emissions in billion tonnes/year in 2050
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Net-zero emissions refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) released and the amount removed from the atmosphere. We reach net-zero when the amount of emissions we emit is equal to the amount we remove. If we remove more than we produce, we reach net negative emissions where we start removing existing CO₂ from the atmosphere and restoring balance.

Capture6’s innovative direct air capture technology (DAC) offers net negative technology that can reduce your residual emissions and take you to net zero and beyond. Our approach to DAC is based on the Oxford Principles on Carbon Offsetting that calls for moving to CDR that is permanent, irreversible, and with a small physical footprint to not displace or impact local communities.

Learn more about carbon removal and how this net negative technology can help you achieve your net-zero targets.

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Reach your net-zero targets with permanent carbon removal

Reducing emissions requires methodical and consistent effort across different business departments. We understand that your net-zero transition is a journey and that you cannot change processes overnight. We can help you reach your short and long term goals and adapt to your changing emissions profile over time.


The Science Based Targets Initiative net-zero methodology requires you to set long-term targets with emission reductions of at least 90-95% by 2050. Any residual emissions that cannot yet be eliminated must be neutralized through carbon removal.

How to incorporate carbon removal in your net-zero strategy

The time to capture some carbon is now!
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Our CDR solution is not about us, it’s about future generations. The decisions we make today are the building blocks of our future.

Our Approach

Our integrated approach to carbon management also supports the circular economy and builds resilience for communities.


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