Why Capture6

Why Capture6

Our carbon removal solution is not about us, it’s about future generations. The decisions we make today are the building blocks of our future.


To do this we need a long-term science-based solution with a focus on a circular economy, social responsibility and environmental justice.


Capture6 prioritizes our mission to increase global carbon removal while growing our business. We provide a lasting solution we can deploy now.

Why 6? Carbon is a chemical element with the atomic number 6. Our logo's hexagonal shape and the 6 in our name both represent this powerful element.

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Industrial Integration with Known Technology

We are integrating for impact. Capture6 is the first carbon removal technology that enhances existing systems and boosts environmental benefits. Our process repurposes industrial-scale components that are commonly used in the operational environment. Our technology then integrates into existing industrial processes.

Offering Widespread Decarbonization and Climate Resilience

As the world races to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, carbon removal can play a critical role. Our vision is coupled with a focus on co-benefits and circular economy thinking. Outside of our core DAC process, we can offer an integrated DAC and CCS approach, achieving both gross emissions and net emissions reductions. We can also create green hydrogen, lithium, and other industrial inputs. Our solution is designed to address water scarcity, expand energy access, and create local jobs.

Why Capture6

Environmental justice is a key component to increasing climate resilience in our communities. Our approach to environmental justice is based on inclusive and equitable consideration of multiple perspectives through meaningful and iterative public engagement. We intend to develop trust with stakeholders through transparency, sharing and co-producing data, and responding to concerns. We will earn social license from local communities, businesses, and indigenous communities through building consensus that the benefits we produce outweigh the negative consequences, and that the negative consequences are not unfairly distributed by amplifying voices from underserved and indigenous communities.

Increasing Water Availability

When coupled with desalination facilities, Capture6 can recover over 50% of freshwater from desalination waste brine for drinking and industrial purposes. Increasing water availability is our goal alongside scaling DAC quickly and efficiently. Our process allows for both simultaneously. Climate change is accelerating the water scarcity crisis. In pursuing a DAC solution at the intersection of carbon removal and water availability, we can increase freshwater resources across the globe. While we agree that water use efficiency should be the primary focus of the water resource issue, our process can support desalination efforts as they become increasingly inevitable in some communities.

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Merging Scalability and Affordability

Our innovative business model allows for rapid scaling. We’re targeting sub-$100 per tonne prices in the near future. In some locations, other income streams enable ‘free’ carbon removal. Due to various industrial integrations, we can turn carbon removal from a costly stand-alone proposition into an opportunity that drives financial and operational efficiencies.

Mission First

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we prioritize our mission to increase global carbon removal while growing our business. We innovate systems and processes that help protect the planet for future generations. For us, that innovation goes beyond perfecting our process for CO₂ removal. It also means ingenuity in how we think about business models, pursue avenues for rapid commercialization, and form the partnerships and coalitions that can make ambitious plans happen.

Our Approach

Our DAC is one of the world’s leading solutions for permanent and irreversible carbon dioxide removal.

Our Team

We put our heads together to innovate systems and processes that help protect the planet for future generations.


Are you interested in our services? Get in touch with our team and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.