Water Availability

Water Availability

The Global Issue

  • Globally, climate change exacerbates water scarcity and threatens local economies, jobs, and livelihoods.
  • Today, 1 in 4 people — 2 billion people worldwide — lack safe drinking water.
  • Roughly half of the world’s population currently experience severe water scarcity for at least part of the year. 
  • Looking ahead, we know that global water demand is projected to increase by 55% by 2050

These facts beg the question: what actions are being taken at the critical intersection of water availability and climate change?


Water sources do exist that could be utilized to overcome water scarcity, but they are typically high in salt and other minerals. With significant treatment, these sources can be used

Water Availability

A Game-Changer for Tackling Climate Change and Water Availability

Desalination facilities face significant brine waste disposal issues. More often than not, brine waste is discharged into the ocean, where it poses a potential threat to the natural environment. We offer a cost-effective, game changing brine waste disposal alternative.


Capture6’s direct air capture technology requires saltwater to create its carbon capture solvent. By partnering with water treatment facilities and repurposing existing industrial-scale technologies, Capture6 can recover over 50% of freshwater from water treatment facilities’ effluent for drinking and industrial purposes while capturing CO₂ and eliminating waste brine in the process.

Direct Air Capture Facility Diagram

Partnering with Water Treatment Facilities

We bring our solution to life in collaboration with water authorities around the world. Our process doesn’t overconsume already scarce water supplies. In fact, it actually yields clean water— all while removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Brine disposal

Our system will reduce the traditional operational and financial burden associated with disposing of excess brine while enhancing water recovery and permanently removing CO₂ from the atmosphere in the process.

Financial benefits

By partnering with Capture6, water authorities can save significantly on lifetime project costs. Due to various industrial integrations, we can turn carbon removal from a costly stand-alone proposition into an opportunity that drives financial and operational efficiencies.

Operational efficiency

Our technology is comprised of well-established and practiced sub-processes that are already in use in other sectors. This means we can use and customize them to move quickly at each new partner facility. To this end, we can develop our process and its decarbonization impacts at unprecedented speed and scale.

Decarbonization impacts

Our technology can do more than remove carbon from the air: our facilities can help industries decarbonize scope 1 emissions by capturing point-source CO₂ and scope 3 emissions by producing green hydrogen, water, lithium, and other green industrial chemicals. 

Are you a water authority looking to increase your freshwater supply and decrease your lifetime facility operational costs? Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can capture carbon, create water and cut costs together.

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Palmdale Water District
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The Local Angle

In California, our local backyard, we are reducing the traditional operational and financial burden associated with disposing of excess salinity while also recovering over 50% of effluent brine at Project Monarch — all while removing CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Project Monarch will fully integrate our DAC process with Palmdale Water District’s (PWD) water management technology and repurpose industrial-scale components that are proven in the operational environment.

At Project Monarch in Palmdale, CA, we can:

  • Recover more than 50% of the input brine as freshwater.
  • Yield savings in range of 20% to 40% for the lifetime of the cost of the project.

By partnering with water treatment facilities like the one PWD is building, we can significantly increase the volume of water recovered at these facilities. With that surplus of water, we can deliver high-value environmental and financial outcomes such as pure water for agricultural uses and residential consumption and affordable carbon removal.

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Why Capture6

Our CDR solution is not about us, it’s about future generations. The decisions we make today are the building blocks of our future.

Our Approach

Our integrated approach to carbon management also supports the circular economy and builds resilience for communities.


Are you interested in our services? Get in touch with our team and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.