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Governments, industry, communities, and technology need to work together to build carbon removal solutions at scale and prevent further damage to the planet and society. Extensive capital is necessary to scale CDR solutions, drawing on the expertise from local and international organizations to support sustainable growth.

Capture6 is bringing together diverse stakeholders from around the world to deploy equitable CDR solutions. We collaborate with carbon management coalitions, policymakers, businesses, community organizations, academic institutions, NGOs/nonprofits, and labor unions to responsibly grow the sector in the U.S. and abroad.

With Capture6, you can support technology that’s designed for minimum risk and maximum impact, including co-benefits for communities and the environment. And you can trust that your actions will matter, because ours isn’t a solution just for the future — it’s a solution that can be deployed today.

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Current Collaborations

Early-stage, returns driven fund focused on venture scale startups driving positive environmental and social impact. Acting as our advisors and investors, Triple Impact Capital supports Capture6 on our mission.
The DAC Coalition brings together global innovators to mobilize society for Direct Air Capture. As members of the Coalition, Capture6 works with other organizations to advance responsible deployment of DAC to help reduce climate change.
A world-class business school creating disruptive research and entrepreneurial leaders for the complex, interconnected world of the future. The School sponsored and hosted discussion on carbon removal led by Dr. Ethan Cohen-Cole, CEO and co-founder of Capture6.
Helping innovators around the world to transform their ideas into real-world solutions. Capture6 was selected for the Aotearoa virtual Climate Response Accelerator, a climate-change programme run by Creative HQ, Wellington’s innovation hub.
William Marsh Rice University is an elite private research university in Houston, Texas. Rice partners with Capture6 to help increase global direct air capture capacity through research and development.
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority is a state agency with a mandate to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Capture6 is a member of a NYSERDA-funded climate-tech incubator.
Capture6 partners with GCRP to catalyze carbon removal action around the world, seize market opportunities, and accelerate transformative action for earth’s climate.
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CTC is a NYSERDA-funded initiative supporting companies commercializing environmental and clean energy technologies. Capture6 has been selected for the incubator and receives support for accelerated growth and connections to national and state resource providers.
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Societe General is a market leader in project financing. They have expressed interest in arranging project-level debt.
Tech-oriented venture capital founded in 2021 in South Korea. Capture6 is Bridge Investment’s first portfolio startup in the U.S. They aim to leverage this partnership to help local partners in achieving their net-zero goals.
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South Korean VC Sopoong supports environmentally-minded tech founders globally. Sopoong focuses on bridging the gap between South Korean conglomerates and startups in the climate sector and has a large footprint across South East Asia. Capture6 has become their first US climate tech startup investment.

The Carbon Business Council (CO2BC) is a nonprofit trade association of more than 65 leading carbon management startups focused on removing, utilizing, and managing carbon dioxide. Member companies bring a wealth of diversity to carbon management, from the range of approaches to geographic locations.

BKT Co Ltd, the leading innovator in the field of wastewater treatment, pioneers the next generation of technologies for wastewater and biosolids treatment, biogas generation, and upcycling of organic waste into valuable end products. They deliver comprehensive solutions and project executions for fully integrated processes and complete design-build as well as unit technologies.
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The Community Economic Resilience Fund (CERF) was created by the State of California to help local regions develop regional economic development plans. Capture6 is looking to engage with stakeholders within LA County, where our pilot facility has been announced, in the hopes of forming synergies and boosting sustainable economic development through green jobs.
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Stantec has partnered with the Palmdale Water District and Capture6 to design a first-of-its-kind Advanced Water Treatment demonstration facility with novel brine management technology in Palmdale, California. Stantec brings together designers, engineers, scientists, and project managers, developing projects that advance the quality of life in communities across the globe.
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Third Derivative (D3) is an open, collaborative climate tech ecosystem that accelerates startups and moves markets. Through a vast global network of deep experts, corporate partners, and investors, they help startups go to market faster. Capture6 is part of their Cohort 23-2.
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Capture6 is part of The Year 3 Cohort of The Carbon to Value (C2V) Initiative. The program is unlocking a new carbontech economy, bringing innovative solutions to scale as rapidly as possible through the creation of a robust, powerful, and collaborative new ecosystem.

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Our CDR solution is not about us, it’s about future generations. The decisions we make today are the building blocks of our future.

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Our DAC is one of the world’s leading solutions for permanent and irreversible carbon dioxide removal.


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