Partner with us to capture more carbon

We use a carbon dioxide removal (CDR) process designed for minimum risk and maximum impact, adding co-benefits for communities and the environment. Our approach isn’t a solution for someday — it’s a solution that can be deployed today.

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Collaborate with us

There are many ways to work with us. We encourage expressions of interest of all sizes.

For People and Planet

Governments, industry, communities, and technology need to work together to build carbon removal solutions at scale and prevent further damage to the planet and society. 


Extensive capital is necessary to scale CDR solutions, drawing on the expertise from local and international organizations to support sustainable growth. Capture6 is bringing these communities together to identify areas of mutual benefit.

We collaborate with stakeholders from policymakers and businesses to community organizations around the world to deploy CDR solutions. Capture6 works with other CDR companies to responsibly grow the sector in the U.S. and abroad. International organizations and mechanisms are essential to scale CDR in an equitable way and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are developing projects and regional R&D centers in Singapore, New Zealand and North America and have projects planned or in development across multiple countries. 

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Mission First

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we prioritize our mission to increase global carbon capture while growing our business. And our mission is to innovate systems and processes that help protect the planet for future generations. Your partnership now sows the seeds of possibility. It enables us to find efficiencies of scale with larger facilities and optimization strategies that will drive costs down further — creating a win-win-win for us, for you, and for our planet.

Why Capture6

Our CDR solution is not about us, it’s about future generations. The decisions we make today are the building blocks of our future.

Our Approach

Our DAC is one of the world’s leading solutions for permanent and irreversible carbon dioxide removal.


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