Our Approach

Our Approach

We capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and permanently remove it at a price-point below other technical approaches available on the market today. Our integrated approach to carbon management also supports the circular economy and builds resilience for communities by addressing water scarcity, expanding energy access, and creating local jobs.


Capture6 facilities can be readily adapted to generate clean, green by-products, such as green hydrogen, lithium, or other industrial chemicals to decarbonize other processes, transforming carbon removal from a cost center into a revenue generating opportunity with wide environmental impacts.

Our Process

Our direct air capture (DAC) is one of the world’s leading solutions for permanent and irreversible carbon dioxide removal. Our approach is highly flexible. We utilize all sources of renewable energy and offer several options for permanent carbon storage and use. Our systems are highly effective at direct air capture, versatile and adaptable to varying geographical regions and inputs.

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Our Difference

Capture6 is one of the only companies on the market pursuing joint removal and decarbonization solutions. With various revenue generating opportunities and gigaton removal goals, Capture6 sets new standards for affordability, scalability, and accountability.


Our process yields clean water for further utilization rather than consuming already scarce pure water supplies. Due to our synergies with water management and treatment, we can recover over 50% of freshwater from desalination waste brine for drinking and industrial purposes – creating a meaningful synergy between carbon removal and water availability. This technical approach allows us to remove CO₂, mitigate local environmental impacts, and improve water security.


Our process is energy positive. This means that our green by-products can be created for less energy than they would demand if created independently. 


Capture6 prioritizes new additional renewable energy for our projects, promoting demand for new renewable energy and wider decarbonization.

Our Product

Our approach is coupled with a focus on co-benefits and circular economy thinking. We integrate our facilities into existing water treatment plants, repurposing industrial-scale components that are proven in the operational environment.

This synergy enables us to deliver our two biggest high-value products: freshwater for agricultural uses and consumption and affordable carbon removal. Our process yields synergies with brine and wastewater disposal, freshwater augmentation from waste streams, stranded energy assets and point source emissions capture.

Our Vision

We work with renewable energy providers, water treatment plants, various partners and facilitators aligned with our mission of deploying gigaton-scale permanent removal within this decade. We’re establishing a series of projects around the world to maximize our impact.

Project Monarch

Capture6 and Palmdale Water District are building the first fully integrated water management and CO₂ removal facility of its kind.

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CO₂ Removal
Carbon removal is confirmed removal and durable storage of gases such as carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the atmosphere.

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