Help us shape the future of carbon removal

Capture6 develops and commercializes highly-scalable approaches to permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We are deploying our approach today with social and environmental co-benefits for less than $100 USD/tonne.

We sell CO₂ capture at a fixed price to companies, providing certainty to their shareholders and clear paths to net-zero. By selling permanent, irreversible and verifiable CO capture, we provide assurance to companies that are concerned about risk inherent in many other types of offset programs. We can measure precisely how much CO₂ we capture.

Be part of the solution

Capture6 is a key piece of the global solution, planning to capture millions of tonnes of CO₂ per year. We use existing industrial equipment – our process is ready today. We help create a sustainable, just transition to a carbon-negative future by bringing co-benefits to communities and making sure our planet will be livable for future generations.


Demand for climate solutions that are permanent, verifiable and at a price point of less than $100 USD/tonne vastly outstrips supply. We need to rapidly scale to meet demand and impact the climate crisis

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Our pathway to a gigaton scale

We have assembled a group of Fortune 500 companies for offtake, construction, financing and technology. Our first large-scale facility will be complete by 2025. In parallel, we have developed a pipeline of additional facilities for millions of tonnes CO₂/yr capture capacity. We plan to reach gigaton scale within 20 years to meaningfully contribute to combating the climate crisis. We are developing projects and regional R&D centers in New Zealand and North America.

Come onboard

Invest, with high returns
Capture6 sells only one product: permanent and irreversible carbon removal. This is an emerging, trillion dollar industry. You can help us determine the future of this growing industry.
Invest, with high returns
We build carbon dioxide sequestration facilities powered by renewable energy sources and sell removals to corporations that have hard-to-abate emissions and/or wish to reverse damage from historical emissions. By not linking our business model to onward sales, we have no scale limitations. Our market-driven process offers high returns.
Invest, with high returns
We sell long term contracts at $100 USD/tonne of captured CO₂ – payable on delivery. We can achieve this price point at the world’s largest scale owing to our proprietary sequestration approach, endorsed by a market leading original equipment manufacturer. Our approach can be widely deployed today through repurposing a set of existing industrial-scale technologies.
Follow the science
As per the latest IPCC Report, direct air capture is necessary to undo greenhouse gas emissions from the past.
Support a just transition
Climate and social justice are at the heart of our approach. Our process improves local air quality, increases potable and irrigation water resources, creates clean jobs, and uses brownfield and non-arable lands.
Support a just transition
We use the least possible land and water to minimize our footprint. Our carbon removal can offer a source of sustainable income for the global south.

Shape the future of carbon removal

Maximize your impact
Why Capture6

Our CDR solution is not about us, it’s about future generations. The decisions we make today are the building blocks of our future.

Our Approach

Our DAC is one of the world’s leading solutions for permanent and irreversible carbon dioxide removal.


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