Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the first large-scale permanent carbon removal for the net-zero economy. Capture6 provides affordable, scalable technology that can remove millions of tons of CO₂ each year. With Capture6, you can choose carbon removal that is safe, permanent, scalable, verifiable, and affordable.

We’re the first in market to offer permanent million-ton direct air capture solutions — safe, permanent, to benefit people and the planet. 

Our core technology utilizes salt, water, renewable energy, and electricity as inputs to produce an absorbent that captures CO₂ from ambient air, which is then mineralized for durable and permanent storage.

At less than $100 USD per tonne of CO₂, we set a new standard for affordability. 

  1. Our innovation comes from the re-arrangement of existing process units. We don’t require customized equipment. This allows us to buy efficiently at scale. 
  2. Many other DAC processes are capturing and separating pure CO₂. Our typical facilities capture and convert to carbonate and bi-carbonates keeping the prices lower. We also have the capability to produce pure CO₂ streams.
  3. We sequester CO₂ during multiple steps of our process: direct air capture and accelerated weathering.

We work with renewable energy providers, partners, and facilitators aligned with our mission to deploy gigaton-scale permanent removal by 2030. We’re establishing a series of joint ventures around the world to maximize our impact. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we prioritize our mission to increase global carbon capture while growing our business.

Capture6 is building facilities to capture millions of tonnes of CO₂ per year. We aim to reach gigaton scale by 2050 to make a dent in climate change solutions. We encourage expressions of interest of all sizes.

The carbon footprint for the construction of each facility will be mitigated in less than a year of operation, and each facility is designed to operate for a minimum of 30 years. We prioritize using brownfields and non-arable land to minimize negative impacts on the environment and communities.

Our facilities will be powered exclusively by renewable energy. In many cases, we’re looking to utilize stranded renewable resources which would otherwise remain unused due to their low profitability.

Most carbon offset programs focus on reducing future CO₂ emissions, like planting a tree. Carbon removal actively takes out existing CO₂ from the atmosphere. Many offset programs are hard to verify because they:


  • Assume the emissions reductions would not have happened anyway
  • Provide no guarantee of permanence
  • Often lack third-party review and verification to make sure the offsets are real and achieved responsibly

Addressing climate change requires simultaneous and dramatic progress on limiting new emissions, making society more resilient to climate effects, and drawing down the existing stock of greenhouse gases that have been accumulating since the industrial revolution.

Whether you’re looking to purchase carbon removal, to partner with us, or to invest in our solution, the best way to start is to contact our team and discuss how you can get involved in removing more CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Why Capture6

Our CDR solution is not about us, it’s about future generations. The decisions we make today are the building blocks of our future.

Our Approach

Our DAC is one of the world’s leading solutions for permanent and irreversible carbon dioxide removal.


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