Carbon removal as part of your net-zero strategy

Your business will most likely need to purchase carbon removals to reach your net-zero goals. The demand is rising while the supply of permanent carbon removal solutions remains limited. Capture6 can help your business reach even the most ambitious targets through permanent and irreversible carbon removal. We can help you affordably remove your residual CO₂ emissions, confidently meet shareholder expectations, and avoid potential profit losses in the future.

Why Work with Capture6

The social costs of carbon are very high and the costs of direct air capture (DAC) must be benchmarked against the costs of inaction. At a cost of less than $100 USD per tonne of CO₂ captured, we set a new standard for affordability. We can help you reach your short and long term goals and adapt to your changing emissions profile over time.
Shareholder expectations
Our direct air capture (DAC), in line with the Oxford Offsetting principles, is permanent and irreversible, providing maximum credibility for your business. We can meet ambitious carbon removal targets while ensuring a clear accounting trail. In addition, our approach supports climate and social justice by improving local air quality, increasing potable and irrigation water resources, creating clean jobs, and using brownfield and non-arable lands.
Profit loss avoidance
The demand & cost of carbon offsets are rising. International policy is progressing towards more permanent carbon sequestration solutions evident by the establishment of the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (IC-VCM). Our approach for direct air capture and carbon removal is a long term solution that overcomes the challenges of cost, scalability and permanence.

You have the power to make a difference. With Capture6, you can support technology that’s designed for minimum risk and maximum impact, including co-benefits for communities and the environment. And you can trust that your actions will matter, because ours isn’t a solution just for the future — it’s a solution that can be deployed today.

How to get started

By setting your sustainability strategy today you can get ahead of the game and get early access to the highly-sought after carbon removal market.

Contact us

Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your net-zero strategy and goals.

Discovery call

We’ll discuss your specific situation and needs, answering initial questions on our process.

Proposal development

You’ll receive a unique project proposal matching your business requirements.


We’ll fine tune our initial proposal based on your feedback to best suit your needs.

Final agreement

Both parties will come to a final agreement outlining mutual roles and responsibilities.


Let’s start capturing some carbon! We’ll implement the projects based on the agreed requirements.

Ongoing monitoring

You’ll have access to a clear accounting trail that can be easily verified.


We’ll provide a transparent and verifiable chain of custody and ledger that prevent double-counting.

Carbon offsets aren’t carbon removal

Most carbon offset programs are structured around reducing future CO₂emissions. That’s very different from actively removing existing CO₂ from the atmosphere. And many offset programs are hard to verify because they:

  • Assume the emissions reductions would not have happened anyway
  • Provide no guarantee of permanence
  • Often lack third-party review and verification to make sure the offsets are real and achieved responsibly
Blue sky with clouds
Why Capture6

Our CDR solution is not about us, it’s about future generations. The decisions we make today are the building blocks of our future.


Focusing on both mitigation and adaptation solutions is the best way to fight against the effects of climate change.


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