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Industrial chimney with red and white stripes chuffs large amounts of smoke with blue sky and clouds behind it

The Inflation Reduction Act gives carbon removal a big boost

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will soon be law, and it is a massive step for US climate ambitions, bringing $369 billion for climate solutions. In particular, carbon removal will get a big lift. … Read More

Geochemical Negative Emissions Technologies

Geochemical Negative Emissions Technologies

Over the previous two decades, a diverse array of geochemical negative emissions technologies (NETs) have been proposed, which use alkaline minerals for removing and permanently storing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). … Read More

Illustrated visual of smoke coming out of chimneys representing C02 and a man with a clip board with dollar symbols floating around

The EU’s Carbon Border Tax Could Hurt Developing Countries

While the European Union’s proposed carbon border tax could help to cut emissions and level the competitive playing field for EU-based firms, it risks hurting poorer countries. … Read More

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Why Health Systems Need a Climate Reckoning

What tobacco is to personal health, greenhouse gas emissions are to planetary health. Decades after recognizing their danger, humans continue to emit over 50 billion tons of CO2 a year. … Read More

The Race For Carbon Capture Is On – Picture of rock type grain on grey surface coming out of a bottle

And Suddenly, The Race For Carbon Capture Is On

While cutting CO2 emissions still remains the first line of defense against global warming, drastic emissions reduction is no longer sufficient. … Read More

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Capture6 Selected for Aotearoa Climate Accelerator by Creative HQ

The commitment to environmental stewardship is apparent when being on any forested trail or near any pristine lake in Aotearoa New Zealand. This widespread protection and conservation of nature has roots in indigenous Maori relationship and care for whenua, the land. … Read More