Capture6 joins a marine carbon dioxide removal project funded by the NOPP

Capture6 is part of the  first large-scale federal investment in marine carbon dioxide research providing $24M by the National Oceanographic Partnerships Program (NOPP). The National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) facilitates partnerships between Federal agencies, academia, and industry to advance ocean science research and eduction.


Capture6 is a partner on one of the 17 funded projects to support research and development of marine carbon dioxide removal across the US. We will be collaborating with Dr. Kelly Kearney of the University of Washington on this exciting research.


According to NOPP, this historic funding will support research that expands our understanding of marine carbon dioxide removal approaches— notably their risks and co-benefits (including ocean acidification mitigation). This funding will also help outline the science needed to build regulatory frameworks for testing and scaling of marine carbon dioxide removal.


Learn more about the award from NOPP.

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