Capture6 featured in South Korean media outlet, Better Future of the Chosun Ilbo.

In this article, Capture6 VP of Strategic Development, Dr. Leo Park and CEO Dr. Ethan Cohen-Cole discuss the merits of Direct Air Capture (DAC) in the Korean and global sectors with Kim Soo-yeon of Better Future of the Chosun Ilbo

Dr. Leo Park and Dr. Ethan Cohen-Cole


“According to the Ministry of Environment, Korea’s provisional greenhouse gas emissions in 2021 are estimated at 679.6 million tons. Assuming that Capture6 is attached to all desalination facilities around the world, more than three times Korea’s annual carbon emissions can be removed.”


Key questions about carbon removal’s energy requirements and synergistic outputs are discussed. Additionally, Capture6’s business model, recent Korean investments and commercialization pipeline are outlined. 


Read the full article in Better Future. Please note that this article is in Korean. 

Capture6 Process

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