Capture6 joins the Carbon Business Council

Capture6 has joined the Carbon Business Council (CO2BC), a nonprofit trade association of more than 65 leading carbon management startups focused on removing, utilizing, and managing carbon dioxide. 


“We are thrilled to join the Carbon Business Council to shape the policies and practices that deliver equitable and responsible carbon removal across the world.” Calli Obern, Director of Policy, Capture6. 


“From the printing press to penicillin, entrepreneurs have a history of approaching challenges with a problem-solving set of eyes. Because reversing climate change will require multiple solutions coming from both startups and policymakers, it’s important to have innovators at the policy table,” said Ben Rubin, the Executive Director and Co-Founder of CO2BC


Capture6 has signed the Oath to Restore the Earth, establishing an ethical standard for growing the carbon management industry responsibly. Invoking long standing medical and legal oaths, the Oath to Restore the Earth builds alignment around a set of principles, including that removing emissions should work in tandem with mitigating them. 


CO2BC is technology neutral, in recognition that reaching gigaton levels of carbon removal at cost-effective prices will require multiple innovations in removal and management. Capture6 joins a coalition of more than 65 innovators that represent more than $100 million in combined assets. Member companies bring a wealth of diversity to carbon management, from the range of approaches to geographic locations. Scientists globally have reached consensus that the world needs to remove gigatons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in order to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, working in tandem with mitigation. 


Carbon Business Council (CO2BC), a member-driven tech-neutral trade association of companies unified to restore the climate, is the preeminent advocacy arm for carbon management startups. 

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