Climate Justice Priorities for Direct Air Capture

Following COP26, the Direct Air Capture Coalition (DACC) is pleased to see COP27 place a greater emphasis on carbon removal activities. According to the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report, carbon removals (in addition to emissions reduction) will be necessary to meet international climate targets.


This year’s theme, “Together for Implementation,” has inspired some members of the DACC to collectively produce best practices for direct air capture (DAC) that work towards climate justice. In anticipation of COP27, a survey was shared with the DACC in which members could select the climate justice principles that resonated the most with their companies. While the following five principles stood out, this is by no means a comprehensive list of climate justice practices that should be included in DAC. Every DAC project is different and must be tailored to fit specific community needs. Stakeholder engagement is crucial to the development, implementation, and operation of DAC facilities, so that historically marginalized groups, frontline communities, and industrializing nations can decide what climate justice means for themselves within the context of DAC. 


Read the full article written by Diandra Angiello, Policy Associate at Capture6.

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