How should the UNFCCC include carbon removal under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement?

We worked with Parallel Carbon, AirCapture, Airhive, and the DAC Coalition to share ideas on developing a market for durable carbon removal. It is essential that carbon removal does not delay mitigation efforts, but rather catalyzes investment and innovation in emerging markets. A standing organization could help the UNFCCC regulate technology and storage pathways, address additionality concerns, and ensure activities are done responsibly. We look forward to sharing more feedback with the UNFCCC on creating an enabling environment to keep below 1.5C.

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Direct Air Capture

A trillion-dollar carbon removal market?

So the conversation about plausible future market size is a very important one, even with all the caveats. But if we’re going to engage it, it’s important that we frame it up well and see the question(s) with clear eyes even when the future is opaque. … Read More

Geochemical Negative Emissions Technologies

Geochemical Negative Emissions Technologies

Over the previous two decades, a diverse array of geochemical negative emissions technologies (NETs) have been proposed, which use alkaline minerals for removing and permanently storing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). … Read More