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Capture6 Selected for Aotearoa Climate Accelerator by Creative HQ

The commitment to environmental stewardship is apparent when being on any forested trail or near any pristine lake in Aotearoa New Zealand. This widespread protection and conservation of nature has roots in indigenous Maori relationship and care for whenua, the land.

Of course, like all countries, Aotearoa has its environmental challenges, but attention to the environment extends from primary school curricula to government policy. At COP26 in November 2021, Aotearoa was one of the countries that made significant climate commitments on a rapid path to net zero. For these reasons, we were thrilled to learn Capture6 was selected for the Aotearoa Climate Accelerator run by Creative HQ. We are excited to have the opportunity to develop our approach to carbon removal in Aotearoa and look forward to learning from the other great programs in our cohort that were selected.


Read the announcement from Creative HQ.

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